Career Evolution

Albert A. Ahdoot has always been the example of “hard work.” He started working odd jobs when he was 11, continued working all the way through high school and launched an online marketing company, his first entrepreneurial venture, when he was just 19 years old.

Albert A. Ahdoot currently works as the Business Development Executive of a group of technology companies, where his executive actions have produced some of the best results in the various companies he owns and consults for. Under Ahdoot’s executive management, the companies constantly strive to be the best in the technology industry and have considerably boosted their clients’ revenue streams.

Besides managing the day-to-day operations within his multiple companies, Albert A. Ahdoot works to increase the companies’ revenue streams while continually being on the lookout for new business opportunities. The companies Albert A. Ahdoot owns and operates are based out Los Angeles, where he lives, but since they are Internet companies that provide technology services in a virtual world, his companies span the globe and are not confined to one location alone.

Today, Albert A. Ahdoot continues to live and work in Southern California, where his peers know him as an accomplished businessman that delivers results.

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